御食事 御食事



多古町の人気店から御夕食・御朝食をお部屋にお届けいたします。The special dinner and breakfast will be delivered to the room from highly rated restaurants in Tako Town.

When you call us, please let us know if you are staying at Omikawa House with your preferred date/time of delivery.

御夕食 Dinner   ※11人前まで Up to serve 11 people

釜屋支店 旬の野菜と
紫陽花御膳 ”Ajisai Gozen” that contains seasonal local vegetables and special products of Tako Town.

¥3,080(including tax)

多古町で長年続く老舗蕎麦屋・釜屋支店から地域産品と旬の素材をふんだんに使った夕食をお届けします。町の町花である紫陽花の名を冠した、多古町の美味しいものが詰まった御膳です。The dinner used abundant local products and seasonal foods from the Kamaya-Shiten which is a long-established Soba noodles restaurant in Tako Town. It is a Gozen(Japanese food combination)named the Tako town's symbol flower "Ajisai(hydrangea)" and lots of delicious foods from Tako Town are included.

  • ・元気豚ヒレカツ 大和芋かけ
  • ・なすにんにくみそ
  • ・季節の天ぷら
  • ・小そば+長ネギ
  • ・季節野菜の漬物
  • ・多古米ごはん
  • ・季節野菜の煮物
  • ・季節のみそ汁
  • ・きんぴらごぼう
  • ・茶わん蒸し
  • ・トマトの砂糖づけ
  • ・Fillet cutlet of "Genki- pork" with "Yamato-imo"(Granted Japanese yam)
  • ・Eggplant with "Garlic miso"(Fermented soybean paste with garlic)
  • ・Seasonal Tempura
  • ・Small soba noodles + green onion
  • ・Seasonal ”Tsukemono”(Vegetable Japanese pickles)
  • ・Tako Japanese rice
  • ・”Nimono”(Stewed dishes) of seasonal vegetables
  • ・Seasonal miso soup
  • ・"Kinpira Gobo"(Fried burdock with sugar and soy sauce)
  • ・Steamed egg custard
  • ・Candied tomatoes

釜屋支店 地元人気No.1、
元気豚生姜焼きとアジフライ御膳 “Genki pork ginger and fried blue-backed fish Gozen” No.1 locally combination.

¥2,090(including tax)

地元で愛される多古町のブランド豚「元気豚」の生姜焼きと季節野菜をお楽しみいただける御膳です。粘りがあり甘みも強い「多古米(コシヒカリ)」を田園風景を眺めながらお召し上がりください。Gozen combined ginger-grilled Tako town's brand pork "Genki Pork" loved by the locals, and locally seasonal vegetables. Enjoy "Tako Japanese rice (Koshihikari)" which is sticky and has a strong sweetness while looking at the countryside.

  • ・元気豚の豚バラ生姜焼き
  • ・季節野菜の漬物
  • ・アジフライ
  • ・多古米ごはん
  • ・サラダ
  • ・季節の味噌汁
  • ・焼き焼売
  • ・茶わん蒸し
  • ・季節野菜の煮物
  • ・季節の果物
  • ・Genki pork pork rose ginger grilled
  • ・Tako Japanese rice
  • ・Fried blue-backed fish
  • ・Seasonal miso soup
  • ・Locally vegetables salad
  • ・Steamed egg custard
  • ・Grilled dumplings
  • ・Seasonal locally fresh fruits
  • ・”Nimono”(Stewed dishes) of seasonal vegetables
  • ・Seasonal ”Tsukemono”(Vegetable Japanese pickles)

釜屋支店 身体にやさしいお子様御膳 Special kid's meal Gozen

¥2,090(including tax)

老舗蕎麦屋の子供御膳です。地元食材と自家製のお惣菜で安心してお子さんとお召し上がりいただけます。This is a children's meal of a long-established Soba noodles restaurant. Children can enjoy the taste of local foods and homemade side dishes.

  • ・おいなり
  • ・卵焼き
  • ・野菜太巻き
  • ・かまぼこ
  • ・自家製エビフライ
  • ・グラタン
  • ・自家製蟹爪フライ
  • ・茶わん蒸し
  • ・自家製からあげ
  • ・季節の味噌汁
  • ・”Inari-sushi”(Rice stuffed into pouches of deep-fried tofu)
  • ・Japanese omelet
  • ・Vegetable sushi roll
  • ・”Kamaboko” (Japanese fish cake)
  • ・Homemade fried shrimp
  • ・Potato gratin
  • ・Homemade crab claw fried
  • ・Steamed egg custard
  • ・”Karaage” Homemade Japanese fried chicken
  • ・Seasonal miso soup

釜屋支店 Kamaya shiten

〒289-2241 千葉県香取郡多古町多古1043-1
1043-1, Tako, Katori Gun Tako Machi, Chiba Ken, 289-2241, Japan

Orders can be made up to 7 days prior to your visit. As the delivery time will be around 6:00 p.m with utensils picked up the next day,
please make sure to throw away any leftovers.
Please note that we cannot deliver on Sundays as restaurants are closed.

御朝食 Breakfast   ※11人前まで Up to serve 11 people

今出屋 地元野菜と焼き魚の和定食 Japanese style breakfast of local vegetables and grilled fish.

¥1,100(including tax)

地域に熱烈に愛される多古町の名店の和定食。地元の食材をふんだんに使い、丁寧な仕事の店主による大満足の味をお楽しみいただける和定食です。A Japanese style meal at a famous Tako town's restaurant that is loved by the locals. You can enjoy a very satisfying taste customized to abundant local foods by the owner who works politely.

  • ・地元野菜を使用した煮物
  • ・季節の味噌汁
  • ・地元野菜の漬物
  • ・多古米ごはん
  • ・出汁巻卵
  • ・小鉢3品
  • ・旬の焼き魚
  • ・”Nimono”(Stewed dishes) of seasonal locally vegetables
  • ・Seasonal miso soup
  • ・Seasonal ”Tsukemono”(Locally vegetable Japanese pickles)
  • ・Tako Japanese rice
  • ・”Dashimaki-Tamago”(Japanese rolled egg)
  • ・3 small plate dishes
  • ・Seasonal grilled fish

今出屋 地元人気パンの洋定食 Western style breakfast of local popular breads.

¥1,100(including tax)

多古町のブランド豚「元気豚」のソーセージなど定番洋食に、創業50年以上の地元パン屋の人気商品「ぶどうパン」と「クロワッサン」をご用意したスペシャルメニューです。This is a special menu with sausages from Tako town's brand pork "Genki pork" and popular products "Raisin bread" and "Croissants" from local bakeries established 50 years ago.

  • ・ふんわり卵オムレツ
  • ・季節野菜のサラダ
  • ・元気豚ソーセージ
  • ・地元野菜のコンソメスープ
  • ・高級バターを使用した泉ベーカリー特製パン
  • ・Fluffy egg omelet
  • ・Seasonal vegetable salad
  • ・Genki pork sausage
  • ・Consomme soup included local vegetables
  • ・Izumi bakery special bread made from high grade butter
    (Raisin bread, croissant)

今出屋 Imadeya

〒289-2241 千葉県香取郡多古町多古567
567, Tako, Katori Gun Tako Machi, Chiba Ken, 289-2241, Japan

ご利用5日前までご注文可能です。お届け時間は7時30分頃、食器の回収は当日に取りにきますので、食べ残しは捨てていただけますようお願いします。また、月曜日はお店がお休みの為お届けができません。 【Note】
Orders can be made up to 5 days prior to your visit. As the delivery time will be around 7:30 a.m with utensils picked up the next day, please make sure to throw away any leftovers. Please note that we cannot deliver on Mondays as restaurants are closed.


Teppanyaki(Dishes grilled on an iron plate)

食材はご自身でお持ち込みいただくか、食材セットのデリバリーをご利用ください。You can experience authentic Teppanyaki (Grilled dishes on the iron plate) in an old traditional house. Bringing your own food for the grill is available. Or you can order local specialty products for the grill.



笑蔵 鉄板焼き食材の詰め合わせ (2人前) Assortment of Teppanyaki (Grilled dishes on the iron plate) foods(for two people)

¥9,000(including tax)

多古で長らく精肉店を営むご家族の息子さんがオープンさせた多古町の人気焼肉店から、目利きのきいた厳選和牛をお届けします。特選黒毛和牛をお手頃価格で、大三川邸の鉄板で楽しみください。 この写真は2人前です。 Special selected “Wagyu”(Japanese brand beef) will be delivered from the popular Korean BBQ restaurant opened by the sons of a family who has been running a butcher shop for a long time in Tako town. Enjoy the special "Wagyu" as a kind price on the iron plate at the Omikawa residence.This picture is for two people.

  • ・千葉県産厳選黒毛和牛 Fillet of Chiba's brand beef "Miyazawa Wagyu"
  • ・千葉県産厚切り豚ロース Thick sliced pork loin of Chiba
  • ・九十九里産大粒ハマグリ、国産大粒ホタテ Large clams of “Kujukuri coast”, Domestic large scallops
  • ・地元で採れた新鮮野菜(なす、にんじん、ねぎ) Fresh vegetables (Eggplant, Carrot, Green onion) harvested locally
  • ・多古米の味噌焼きおにぎり Miso-grilled rice balls made from Tako Japanese rice

笑蔵 Warazo

〒289-2241 千葉県香取郡多古町多古269‐2
269‐2 , Tako, Katori Gun Tako Machi, Chiba Ken, , Japan

ご利用7日前までご注文可能です。お届け時間は17時~18時頃です。火曜日はお店がお休みの為お届けができません。 【Note】
Orders can be made up to 7 days prior to your visit. As the delivery time will be around 07:00 ~ 08:00 p.m. Please note that we cannot deliver on Tuesdays as restaurants are closed.


Self catering

ご自由にお使いください。Use your favorite ingredients. We provide a set of cooking utensils, dishes, and essential seasoning and spices for self-catering. Please help yourself as needed.

Original Kettle Premium GBS Charcoal Grill 57cm
System kitchen-IH stove
Iron plate