Take in the countryside
from a traditional Japanese estate.



Gateway to Japan About a 20 minute drive from Narita airport

Omikawa House is situated in the town of Tako in Chiba Prefecture.
Tako Town has been a castle town of the Edo era located at the southern border of Katori District in thenorthern part of Chiba Prefecture.
It is about a 20-minute drive from Narita Airport, the gateway to Japan.
This area is renowned for its rich rural landscape, seasonal flowers, and fresh agricultural produce,including "Tako rice" and "Yamato potato".
Here you will have a unique experience, abounding with a Japanese rustic feel that just cannot be experienced in Japans major hubs such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

The House

Accommodation is set in an old Japanese style house with 150 years of history,
and is a private vacation house available to only one group per day.

The omikawa residence, which has a history of more than 150 years since the Edo era.That old traditional house, which symbolizes the area where the family of wealthy farmers lived,inherited the Tako town's history continuously and renovated completely into new accommodation.
In the middle of a quiet village, from your very own exclusive space, view the seasonal rural scenery from the mountain top open-air bath, enjoy a movie in the fully renovated "Kura" or warehouse, and take delight in the Japanese lifestyle in our Japanese-style "Washitsu" and "Doma".Wi-Fi and a variety of other amenities are also available.

shampoo, conditioner, body soap , Yuamigi(Onsen bathing while clothed), toothbrush, razor,brush , loofah ,round cotton ,cotton swab ,cleansing oil ,facial wash , toner , moisturizing cream , double bed(×2) , single bed(×1) , mattress(×4) , electric toilet seat , ,iron plate ,microwave oven , toaster , kettle , electric kettle , hairdryer, safe , clothes hanger , heaterprojector , Amazon fire stick , HDMI cable , whiteboard , whiteboard markers , portable radio ,flash light , first-aid kit ,cleaning tools , seasoning ,laundry detergent , cooking utensils,tableware


At Omikawa House, you can experience Japanese cuisine
made from ingredients local to the region.

Local restaurants will deliver homemade meals using "Tako rice", also known as 'phantom rice', an exclusive specialty well known to those in the know, and "Yamato potato" which combines nutritional value with great flavour.


-kura- Theater room/Kids room (Omikawa House)

The fully renovated theater room in the premises is a unlimited multifunctional space for adults and children, to use as a room for watching movies, kids room, yoga stu dio or meeting room.

Samue / Geta (Omikawa House)

Samue was once worn as work clothes by Zen Buddhist monks while they performed their daily chores.Due to its relaxed silhouette and loose sleeves and hem, nowadays it is a much loved form of loungewear. Relax and feel at home while wearing traditional Japanese loungwear and footwear.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (Sightseeing)

A temple in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture that boasts a history of over 1000 years. The grounds are dotted with buildings and spiritual hot spots designated as Important Cultural Properties, and about 10 million worshipers visit annually.You can try specialties such as eel on the road approaching the temple.

Shisui Outlet (shopping / restaurants)

This facility is close to Narita International Airport. Enjoy shopping In this reproduction of an American art deco cityscape.

Roadside Station (Michi-no-Eki) Tako Hydrangea Hall (shopping / restaurant)

A rest stop where you can buy fresh vegetables and specialty products made in the local area, including a restaurant where you can try local produce. By the Kuriyama River that runs along side, depending on the season, you can see Hydrangeas, Rapeseed flowers and Cosmos.

Cycling (activity)

Bicycles can be hired at the Michi-no-Eki Tako Hydrangea Hall. Enjoy the Japanese countryside, rural towns, and temples by bicycle. Why not explore the local towns of Japan on your own?

Narita Airport (Sightseeing)

The gateway to Japan in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture. It is possible to reach Tokyo from here by taking one train.
There are many shops in the airport selling Japanese souvenirs, and restaurants where you can enjoy Japanese food. You can also see planes arriving in Japan from all over the world up close.

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences (Sightseeing)

An airplane museum on the south side of Narita Airport. All ages can enjoy learning about the history of airplanes. Full-scale airplane replicas are on display, and from the observation deck you can get a panoramic view of Narita Airport.

Sawara townscape (sightseeing)

The town of Sawara prospered during the Edo period due to its canal and still has a pronounced Edo culture today. Ride a boat around the townscape and feel as though you have traveled back in time.Why not visit Sawara, where you can enjoy learning about history while browsing in its shops.


The following prices are for the whole residence to rent.
The consecutive stay plans are more reasonable.
Please spend a relaxing time in Tako Town.

Long-term Stay   Please contact us.

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※Please contact us, if you are planning long stay.
※In case of 2 nights stay, we do not make beds, restock amenities and change towels for second night.


630-1 Iizasa Tako-machi,Katori-gun, Chiba-ken

When arriving from Narita Airport

By Taxi

Narita Taxi ,Inc. TollFree:0120-550-965
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Tako Taxi, Inc. TollFree:0120-762-173
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By rental car

For further details, please contact the various car rental companies on this website.
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When coming from Tokyo Station


●The following items will be a nuisance to other customers. Please do not bring them in.

Things that emit a foul odor or abnormal noise. / Gunpowder, gasoline, other flammable
materials. / Guns, knives and stimulants are not allowed by law. / Other things that we judge to be dangerous.

●See below for prohibited conducts

●Handling of valuables and lost items

There is a safety box, please feel free to use it. However, please note that we will not be able to compensate for any of your lost items while you use the safety box. Unless otherwise specified,we handle lost and found items in accordance with the law.


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