邸内紹介 邸内紹介





Doma, which has been redesigned from its original appearance to a modern Japanese style, is aspace full of commitment to welcome customers as the face of this residence. The patterns on thefloors were decorated with the image of hydrangeas, which is a symbolic flower of Tako town.



The wooden deck terrace, which is wider than the porch, was prepared with the intention of the planner who wants guests to go out to the garden and experience the fresh natures of Tako Town. Please enjoy the unique atmosphere combined with an old traditional house and this wood deck.



It is a space that retains the quality of an old traditional house and we have created a space that contains both Japanese and Western styles so that people these days can relax. Please spend a special relaxing time with your precious ones in that room with a table made of old wood that was left in this original house and “yogibo” which are beaded sofas.

和室Japanese-style room


The floor and tatami mats have been completely re-covered. The atmosphere of the Japanese-style room itself is retained, and we are pursuing cleanliness and safety in terms of functionality. The air-conditioner is installed, and guests can also use mosquito nets to repel insects.



We provide deep comfort sleeping time with “Simmons” mattresses in our favorite bedroom.On thewall, "Sasanqua", which is selected from Tako Town as trees that symbolizes the town, are drawn.



The other bedroom has a double-sized bed so that two people can sleep comfortably. Of course, “Simmons” mattress is also used in this room. A lot of yellow chrysanthemums that bloomed around the Omikawa residence are drawn here.



The dining table prepared as an eating space was designed with reference to the original room shape. You can extend your legs into the space under your feet. In winter, that space is available to use as“Kotatsu” which is an electric heater.

(鉄板焼き台)Iron plate


At the counter table, which extends from the entrance(Doma), we have a teppanyaki table installed on the counter table, which is one of our specialties. Enjoy your cooking at an old traditional house while communicating.



It is a restroom with a washlet. We prepared a new one when we renovated. Please feel comfortable using it.


館内のお風呂の窓から覗く先には、季節ごとに咲く、庭園の花々を見て楽しむことができます。 お手洗い同様、内風呂は新築でご用意しました。ぜひ露天風呂と入り比べをしてみてください。

If you look through the window of the bathtub, you can relax while watching the flowers in the garden that bloom every season. Same as the restroom, the indoor bathroom was newly built. Please compare it with the open-air bath.

シャワールームShower room


Please use it if you only need a shower or if you want to wash your body before and after taking an open-air bath.



For guests want to enjoy cooking on their own. New integrated kitchen was set up there. There are sets of special tablewares, cutleries, and cookwares. Feel free to use the large refrigerator too.

BBQ場Barbecue site


There is an enjoyable space for BBQin the backyard of this house. You can rent Weber’s BBQ Grill, and night lighting and power supplies were set up.

-kura- Theater room/Kids room


The fully renovated theater room in the premises is a unlimited multifunctional space for adults and children, to use as a room for watching movies, kids room, yoga studio or meeting room.

露天風呂Open-air bath


A Open-air bath with a panoramic view of the countryside of Tako, whose faces change with the seasons.
You can use it by climbing the hill behind. Enjoy the scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter.



大三川邸では、以下のアメニティ・備品をご用意しております。Amenities and Facilities

● アメニティ Amenity goods

シャンプー・リンス・ボディソープ / バスタオル / ハンドタオル / 作務衣(館内着) / 湯あみ着 / 歯ブラシ / かみそり / ブラシ / ヘチマ / 丸形コットン / 普通綿棒 / ハーバルクレンジングオイル / ハーバルウォッシングフォーム / モイスチャーハーバルウォーター / ハーバルモイスチャーフェイスクリーム
shampoo, conditioner, body soap,bath towel,hand towel,Samue(Japanese working clothes),Yuamigi(Onsen bathing while clothed),toothbrush,razor,brush,loofah,round cotton,cotton swab,cleansing oil,facial wash,toner,moisturizing cream

● 設備 Facilities

wifi / 全室冷暖房完備 / ダブルベッド×1 / シングルベッド×2 / 敷布団×4 / ウォッシュレット / シャワールーム / 調理用鉄板 / オーブンレンジ / トースター / ケトル / ポット / ドア式冷凍冷蔵庫(550ℓ) / ドア式冷蔵庫(81ℓ) / 55インチテレビ / 洗濯乾燥機 / ドライヤー / 金庫 / ハンガー / ヒーター 等
wifi/冷暖房 / プロジェクター / アマゾンファイヤースティック / HDMIケーブル / ホワイドボード / ホワイドボードマーカー
free wifi,air conditioning,double bed(×2),single bed(×1),mattress(×4),electric toilet seat,shower room,iron plate,microwave oven,toaster,kettle,electric kettle,refrigerator,TV,washer-dryer,hairdryer,safe,clothes hanger,heater
free wifi,air conditioning,projector,Amazon fire stick,HDMI cable,whiteboard,whiteboard markers

● その他 Other

防災ラジオ / 懐中電灯 / 応急セット / 掃除道具 / 調味料 / 洗濯洗剤/木炭(3kg)/ 着火剤 / チャッカマン / 軍手 / 薪(6kg)/ 焚火台 / ゴミ袋等
portable radio,flash light,first-aid kit,cleaning tools,seasoning,laundry detergent

● 調理道具・食器 cooking utensils, tableware